Purpose - Mission - Vision


We invite you to join us on Sundays @ 3:00 pm at our Irving location.  And on Mondays and Thursdays for Prayer and Bible Study via Conference Call as God moves us forward to spread His Kingdom.
This section will help you find out more about Victory’s story, vision, and beliefs. Our Get Connected section will help you discover how to move forward in your relationship with God at Victory. The ministries sections will give you an inside look at how we are ministering to the present and next generation. And if you like audio and video, Media should be your next stop.

We’re glad you’re here and we’re excited to help you become a Kingdom Citizen Empowered for Life! 

Our Vision of Victory

Our reason for existing is to be God’s Temple
building Kingdom Citizens Empowered for Life


 As we reach men, women and youth the power of God transforms

us into fully functioning Kingdom Citizens who are


                     I.      Empowered through the Word & Worship

We envision people throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and growing spiritually into a Kingdom Community.  We will accomplish this through:

¨        Preaching/Teaching of a Relevant Word from God

¨        Prophetic Exhortation – Hearing God’s Voice

¨        Apostolic Declarations – Decreeing God’s Word

¨        VLI – Victory Life Institute: Classes, Seminars and eventually a Bible College

¨        Personal & Corporate Worship

                   II.      Empowered through Equipping

We envision the members of Victory equipped to live a Kingdom Life through:

¨        The Academy: Academic Excellence for grades 1-12 with a Christian Emphasis

¨        MIT – Ministry Institute & Training, a program designed to prepare persons for the five-fold ministry

¨        PHD – Prayer, Healing & Dominion

¨        Money Matters: Seminars, Training and Strategies for eliminating debt and making money work for you.

¨        YES Club: Savings, Investing and Financial Excellence for Youth

¨        Life Connect - Life Coaching by Biblical Guidance

¨        The Tech Center – Technology Center and Internet Café offering Adult and Youth resourcing

                III.      Empowered Economically

We envision the members of Victory equipped to live a Full Life through the acquisition and building of a Multipurpose Campus, which will become home to:

¨        The Victory Center: Our State of the Art Worship & Conference Center

¨        Ministry Offices

¨        The Bistro

¨        Sports/Dance/Fitness Complex

¨        Leading Edge Youth Center: A safe, fun and exciting place where a Kid can be a Kid without compromise

¨        The Spa

¨        The Academy: Academic Excellence for grades 1-12 with a Christian Emphasis

¨        The Tech Center

¨        Publishing House

¨        Media Center


 THE VICTORY CENTER will allow us to minister to the whole person, body, soul, and spirit

               IV.      Empowered To Make Disciples {Kingdom Citizens}

We envision the ministries of Victory Temple reaching around the corner and across the nations winning our world to Jesus Christ through:

¨        Creative Evangelism – Reaching the unchurched and the unbeliever

¨        Global Missions – such as our current support of Orphans in Mbane, Swaziland in  South Africa and the nation of Haiti.

¨        Local Outreach – Emergency aid to families and individuals.

¨        Media-Tech Outreach – POD CASTING, Radio/TV Broadcasting, CD’s/DVD’s.

¨        Publishing --- Books, Pamphlets, Brochures

¨        Short Term Mission Trips – Sponsoring missionaries and ministries

¨        Planting Churches/Ministries – Sponsoring and sending out Equipped and Trained Ministry Gifts to start new churches and ministry.




So, if you’re Married or Living Single, part of the Hip Hop Generation or strictly Old School – Victory Temple is here to Empower You for Life in God’s Kingdom.