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You Can Begin Again

Pentecost @ Victory...


Is a great time to check us out...  As kids and adults prepare for summer vacation it's a time of great expectation.  So it is in the church as we prepare for the Presence of God in ways we've never known. As tje saying goes: don't leave home without the Holy Spirit. 

It's the time we celebrate God's awesome Love for us... God so LOVED the WORLD that He GAVE His uniquely begotten Son so that we can live life more abundantly and eternally. That's the purpose and core of this Holy Season.  Jesus died so we can be forgiven!   That's remarkable but it doesn't end there.  He lives so we can live an overcoming life not a defeated life. WOW!  One member remarked recently that at Victory she has learned how to move from "pitiful" to "powerful"; and you will too.

Join us during this Pentecost Season.    It won't be what you think.  Come and Expereince Life!  

And remember you DON'T HAVE TO dress up!  It's your choice.  If you would like to dress up that's fine but know that if you choose not to you won't be alone. T-shirts and jeans or dress up if you like, either is fine with us.  We believe who you are, is more important than what you wear.  The music will be slamming - contemporary with a little old school mix, and our youth like to JAM.

So come and see for yourself where "real folk" hang out, learn together and grow together.  We meet Sundays at 3:00 p.m.,  2701 William Brewster Drive, Irving, Texas  75062 - see that’s different already.  You won’t regret it; Come and See what a difference VICTORY will make in your life.