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Today I am blessed.   Today I am blessed.   Sufficient are your provisions for me today.   I am healed.  I am spirit filled. Sickness and disease are far from me. I walk in divine favor with God and man.    There is no slackness in my hand.  My home is a place of peace. It functions in divine order.   My business operates in excellence.   My church flows in divine purpose.   Every relationship in my life is assigned to me by God to assist me in the fulfillment of my kingdom assignment.  I excel in productivity.  I have an outstanding attitude.   I maximize my potential. 

Father, I worship you.   I magnify you.    I adore you.   I know that with you all things are possible unto me.   My body is strong.  I am healed.   My mind is fortified and alert. My emotions    are sound and stable.   In the name of Jesus.   From the top of my head, to the souls of my feet.  I am healed by the stripes of Jesus.    I am healed.    Solomon’s anointing is on me for wealth and success.   Samuel’s anointing is on me for sensitivity to the voice of God.   David’s anointing is on me for worship and praise.   Daniel’s anointing is on me for excellence and integrity.   Deborah’s anointing is on me that I might flow with a balanced life between my family and the kingdom.   Issachar’s anointing is on me for the discerning of the times.   Jabez’s anointing is on me for borderless living.   The anointing of the angels are upon me to worship God with everything that is within me.   Thank you Lord for your anointing.   


I am anointed with knowledge.  I am anointed with understanding.   Thank you Lord for winning ideas, settlements, dividends, profits, money, checks in the mail,   wealth transfers.  Thank you Lord for secret riches, hidden treasures, momentum, strategic positioning.   Skills to manage my time.   Skills to manage my money.  Skills to manage any crisis that comes into my life. Skills to manage my family.  In the name of Jesus.  My skills come from God.   Thank you Lord for my I AM'ness.  Thank you Lord for my I AM'ness. 

I am the head and not the tail.   I am above and not beneath.  I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.   I am alive in Christ.   I am free from sin.   I am free from condemnation.   I am an heir of God.   I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ.   I am fathered from above. 

I am blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places  by Christ Jesus.   I am blessed in the city.  I am blessed in the field.   I am blessed in my going out.   I am blessed in my coming in.   I am blessed.  I am blessed socially.  I am blessed financially, relationally, governmentally, behaviorally, bio-electrically,  physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, biochemically.    I am blessed molecularly, cellularly.  I am blessed hormonally.   I am blessed genetically, anatomically, skeletally.  I am blessed intellectually from the top of my head to the souls of my feet.        I am blessed. 


The anointing is upon me.   I am anointed and with this anointing every yoke is broken.  Every yoke is destroyed.   Every burden is lifted in the name of Jesus.   


I seal this confession by the blood, by the Word, by the Spirit, by the Holy Ghost, in the name that is above every name that is Jesus the Christ the Son of the living God.  Amen! 


Spoken by Dr. David Brown 

The Living Word Christian Center - Ownings Mills , MD